Month: August 2016

frevvo + SQL: Part 1. Dynamic database forms

Practically every organization has at least one SQL database and often many of them. And, many day-to-day business activities are simply more useful if they can access information from SQL databases on-demand. If Customer Service has visibility into order history from the database, they can better help the customer. Ordering Managers don’t have to look up part numbers or type them in manually if the order form is integrated with SQL. HR applications can access employee data and so on.

frevvo provides a Database Connector that allows you to perform sophisticated integration with your database. In this multipart series of articles, we’ll explore several possibilities in detail from dynamic dependent pick lists, master-detail views, creating and updating records in SQL and running stored procedures.

DBConnectorFirst let’s take a look at how the DBConnector works. frevvo communicates with the outside world using XML (or JSON) over HTTP(S) i.e. it’s RESTful. Databases want you to talk SQL and return data as ResultSets.

With frevvo, the steps are straightforward:

  • Configure the Database Connector using SQL or Stored Procedures.
  • Generate form controls from the configured queries (no programming).
  • Drag and drop in the Form Designer to rearrange controls.
  • Connect forms/workflows to queries using URLs exported by the Database Connector.

frevvo takes care of all the data transformations in both directions. JSON, XML, SQL – it’s all transparent to the form designer and you don’t have to worry about programming any of this. The result of a SQL query could be a single row or multiple rows each with many columns – the form will instantly update to show you the information relevant to your request.

You can check out a couple of examples here on our website. We’ll get to HOW they work in the next several parts of this series or there’s a link to the Database Connector Tutorial on the above page. See: Part 2: Dynamic Pick Lists, Part 3: Master-Detail Views, Part 4: Multiple Results, and Part 5: Creating/Updating Records.

Contact us for more information if you’d like to learn more or register for an upcoming webinar.

[Video] frevvo + Confluence for collaboration

Customers use Atlassian’s Confluence to increase collaboration, reduce time spent in meetings and email. Many of them combine Confluence with frevvo to automate routine day-to-day tasks like vacation requests, purchase requisitions, sales orders, employee on-boarding, and patient referrals. These are just forms (often paper or PDF or Excel) that are filled out every day and routed around to others for signatures, comments and approvals (email or hand-delivery).

Our infographics and other blog articles discuss how frevvo’s affordable, cloud-based workflow products work with Confluence and improve collaboration and business agility. We’ve also created a short (2 min) video below to show you the benefits of combining the two.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website to and see how customers are using frevvo today to improve efficiency and productivity.

Manager Approves Vacation Requests from the Amazon Jungle!

This was a 1st…. Ashish who writes many of the blog articles you read here is on quite the adventure to Brazil to watch the Olympics. On his way to Rio he stopped to spend a couple days somewhere in a remote spot in the Amazon Jungle. Spur of the moment a couple of us decided yesterday to take tomorrow morning off — we use Live Forms for our vacation request approval process integrated with Google Sheets & Drive. As many of you know our forms work great on mobile devices and within a couple hours to my surprise Ashish had approved my vacation request. 🙂 He is never one to be far from his cell phone, but still pretty cool to have your request approved from the middle of the Amazon Jungle! 🙂

We run our company by automating our internal processes with our own Live Forms forms & workflows. We all love building and using them. Even our financial team could be on our sales team telling you how much more efficient this makes us. It’s what keeps our company functioning smoothly so our entire team can focus on what’s most important… Helping our Customers do the same!!

Pretty fancy hut!
Pretty fancy hut!