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frevvo for Confluence – Part 4. Create/Update Confluence Pages

In Part 3 of this series, we looked at how you can create a form or workflow and accumulate submissions on a Confluence page.

But, customers often want to create and update Confluence pages from frevvo forms for structured content. An example is an application to manage client contact information.

Let’s say you want to create a Confluence page for each client. The Confluence rich text editor is one way to manage these pages. But, it’s hard to keep the pages consistent, eliminate errors and enforce business constraints with the Confluence editor. That’s where frevvo comes in.

Instead of creating/updating these pages using Confluence’s editor, you can use a form. The form enforces structure, business rules, validation etc. When the form is submitted, frevvo will generate a Confluence page for the client; the page can be named using data from the form (e.g. client name).

frevvo can also generate an Edit link on the page. When clicked, it takes you back to the form pre-filled with the client data. You can edit the data and submit. frevvo will then update the client page with the updated data.

With Live Forms for Confluence, anyone can do it. See how easy it is in this 4.5m video.

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frevvo for Confluence – Part 3. Collect data on a Confluence page

In Part 2 of this Series, we saw how to create a simple survey form in Confluence and view submission data or download it to MS Excel. But sometimes, people want to do more. They want to format the results as a table and add a graph, display the results in specific ways etc.

Confluence and its rich set of plugins is the ideal platform for this and with frevvo Live Forms you can now easily create forms [and even workflows] and collect submissions on a Confluence page. Then, use arbitrary macros to create tables, charts, Tab views etc. It’s a powerful way to leverage the unique capabilities of both platforms.

Watch the 3.5 min video below to see how.

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frevvo for Confluence – Part 2. Simple forms/submissions.

Does your organization use Confluence for collaboration? If so, you can easily expand your Confluence-based Intranet so employees can do some of the common things organizations do like surveys and event registrations without needing a programmer every time.

Imagine that your marketing employees could create a Confluence page, add an event registration form to it, view the registrations in Confluence or download them to Excel. All by themselves without I.T. involvement, setup, databases or anything.

With Live Forms for Confluence, anyone can do it. See how easy it is in this video (less than 3 min).

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[Infographic] frevvo + Google Apps


Organizations use frevvo to digitize day-to-day approval workflows in the Cloud such as expense reports, purchase requisitions and employee on-boarding. These workflows generate documents that must be securely stored and managed somewhere – typically some sort of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system.

Organizations (including frevvo Inc.) use Google Drive as a Cloud-based system to store and manage enterprise content and to collaborate on that content including both unstructured content such as videos, images, spreadsheets, & presentations and structured content such as invoices, sales orders, & expense reports.

The fit is obvious and natural. If your organization uses Google Apps, you can combine frevvo + Google Apps to solve real business problems, improve productivity and efficiency and allow employees to focus on customers, students and patients instead of being bogged down in paperwork.

Check out this new infographic on the benefits of e-forms and approval workflows with frevvo integrated with Google Apps.

From electronic signatures to dynamic pick lists to using Google Drive as a content repository to approval workflows, the combination just makes completing routine, day-to-day business tasks easier.

It’s 2016! There’s simply no excuse for outdated, manual systems that cause delays, result in unhappy employees and wasted time and money.

frevvo already has pre-built forms and workflows that can be customized in next to no time and deployed online. They can all be signed online, routed to the proper person electronically, used on mobile devices, delivered in multiple languages, generate PDFs, work with Google Apps and a whole host of advanced capabilities. There’s no need to deal with printing PDFs for signatures, correcting Excel-based time sheets, or tracking down approvals in email.

Learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.

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frevvo for Confluence – Part 1. What is it?

confluence_rgb_blueAtlassian’s Confluence is a wiki used by 1000s of companies to connect people with the content and co-workers they need to get their jobs done, faster. Confluence has an intuitive, rich-text editor that makes it easy for anyone to edit pages and create content. Works great for relatively unstructured content.

But, a big part of people’s day-to-day work is structured content – routine time sheets, job applications, expense reports, vacation requests, purchase requisitions, sales orders, employee on-boarding, patient referrals and the like. These are just forms (often paper or PDF or Excel) that are filled out every day and routed around to others for signatures, comments and approvals (email or hand-delivery).

frevvo is fully integrated with Confluence and employees can collaborate efficiently on their day-to-day tasks in the same, familiar environment.

It’s hard to do this in Confluence. Consider a simple Vacation Request. You can’t just create a new Confluence page because you want to take next week off and then expect your supervisor to Edit it and approve or comment back.

frevvo form Designer in Confluence

That’s where frevvo comes in. We provide an Add-On for Confluence that lets you add forms, workflows and the associated task lists to Confluence. Users then simply logon to Confluence, go to the Vacation Request page, fill out the form that’s embedded on that page and Submit. frevvo will route as required, send notifications to the appropriate people and remind them if necessary. When the next person in the workflow needs to act on the request, he/she can approve/comment/reject directly in Confluence.

Instead of wasting time chasing signatures, let your people focus on serving customers, students & patients.


Learn more by visiting our website and sign up for a free 30-day trial. See how the combination of frevvo + Confluence can help solve real business problems easily.


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[Video] K-12 Process Automation

Several K-12 school customers are using frevvo to automate routine processes and improve efficiency and services to students and staff. The fact is, schools are drowning in paper. Student work, parent & staff communications, travel reimbursements and many other processes are paper-based and require, emailing, printing and scanning.

These everyday approvals take an exorbitant amount of time if done manually. Students, staff and parents are waiting longer than necessary and spending more time/money than necessary to tackle these routine tasks. There’s also a much higher rate of inaccuracy in the manual process. Our infographics and other blog articles discuss how frevvo’s affordable, cloud-based workflow products for K-12 process automation can improve efficiencies in these areas. We’ve also created a short (2 min) video below to show you the benefits of using frevvo in your school district.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website to and see how Colleges & Universities are already using frevvo’s public and private cloud solutions to digitize their day-to-day approval workflows.