Month: May 2016

[Video] Higher Ed Process Automation

Many Universities are already using frevvo (Syracuse,La Cité College, Harvard, NYU, University of California, and others) for Student Registration, Internship Applications, and internal HR/Finance workflows. Students love using mobile devices and not having to stand in line.

These everyday approvals take an exorbitant amount of time if done manually. Students and staff are waiting longer than necessary and spending more time/money than necessary to tackle these routine tasks. There’s also a much higher rate of inaccuracy in the manual process. Our infographics and other blog articles discuss how frevvo’s affordable, cloud-based workflow products for Higher Ed process automation can improve efficiencies in these areas. We’ve also created a short (2 min) video below to show you the benefits of using frevvo in your College/University.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website to and see how Colleges & Universities are already using frevvo’s public and private cloud solutions to digitize their day-to-day approval workflows.

Roadmap: Part 4 – Connector


Save documents & attachments generated from frevvo forms and workflows to your box account

In a recent article, my colleague Yuri wrote about adding frevvo to Google Drive/Apps so it can be used as a low-cost ECM system.

It makes sense. Customers want an end-to-end solution where they use frevvo so they can stop emailing PDF documents around for signatures. It works great for them. But the documents need to live somewhere.

But, many enterprise customers still aren’t comfortable with using Google Drive for ECM.

We’ve recently noticed an uptick in customers and prospects who have asked about saving submission data from an automated frevvo form or workflow to their box account. So, we’ve decided to do something about it.

Save to box wizards

We’re working on a Connector and associated wizard for box. Similar, in principle to the Google Drive connector that lets you save documents to Drive. It’s simple and visual:

  • Choose Document Actions and select the Save to option.
  • In the wizard that pops up, provide your credentials. The wizard will login to your box account, browse to find available folders and display them.
  • Select a parent folder (e.g. Purchase Orders) and a submission folder. Typically, the submission folder is a template that’s dynamically generated e.g. {ClientName}.
  • You can also choose which documents get saved including generated files e.g. a Government W-4 for an Employee On-Boarding workflow.
  • Click Finish and you’re done.

When the form or flow is submitted, the documents will be uploaded to your box account in a new subfolder whose name is generated from the ClientName form field (in our example). All subfolders reside in the parent folder (Purchase Order in our example).

Once in box, you can use all their features to collaborate, share and manage the documents in question.

It’s as easy as that. The Connector is targeted for V7.1, which is currently under development and targeted for late October, 2016. Obviously, the date could change 🙂

Interested in learning more? Contact us anytime for more details.

Google Drive as a low-cost ECM?

google-apps-for-work-logo-2My colleague Prajakta just published a 6-part series of articles on frevvo + Google Apps (Part 1 is here and contains links to the others).

I also came across a Forrester Wave report (The Forrester WaveTM: ECM Business Content Services, Q3 2015: Our Evaluation Of 11 ECM Vendors And How They Stack Up) while working with another ECM vendor. It contains the following key takeaway:

Business Content Services Emphasize Document Sharing, Collaboration, And Usability

That got me thinking. At frevvo, we use Google Drive quite extensively for collaboration and sharing around documents. But, we also use it as a low-cost [Enterprise] Content Management system. It works for us because our own internal forms and workflows are integrated with Google Drive (Apps).

Cloud-based document sharing systems like Google Drive tend to focus on basic document storage and retrieval e.g. sharing your pictures from that trip to the Amazon. Even if you’re looking to share and collaboratively access business documents, Google Drive can do a decent job of that.

But the highest value is realized when these functions are properly integrated in with automated workflows (and the associated forms). Without e-forms and workflow, Google Drive is nothing more than a glorified network drive albeit. Very useful (secure, backup etc.) and incredibly affordable no doubt. But, it’s not even close to ECM and will produce very little by way of cost & time savings or productivity enhancements by itself.

That’s where frevvo can help. You can combine frevvo + Google Apps in many ways to create really useful solutions:

  • Electronic Signatures – sign permission slips, sales orders and leave approvals electronically and save them to Google Drive.
  • Dynamic Content – create dynamic pick lists from a Google Sheet, update it after submission, get mileage info from Google Maps.
  • Simple Content Export – create relatively simply forms and workflows that just save submissions to a Google Sheet. You can perform all the usual functions on the data to analyze it.
  • Automated Approvals – this is where the real value comes in. Digitize core day-to-day operations – forms/documents that are routed between various people in your organization for approvals.

Read more in Prajakta’s series of blog articles (Part 1 here).

Again, Google Drive (and Apps) by itself is not really an Enterprise Content Management system. But, by combining frevvo with Google Sheets, Maps, Drive and other APIs, customers can easily create their own unique online forms and digital workflows that meet real-world business requirements, work automatically on mobile, are cloud-based and securely save the documents to Google Drive. Once in Drive, the documents can be managed, shared and searched.

The combination gets you closer to having ECM-like functionality at an incredibly affordable cost.

Learn more by visiting our website and sign up for a free 30-day trial account.

[Infographic] K-12 Process Automation

infographic_wireframe_frevvo_jan2016_3In previous posts, we’ve described how some of our K-12 school customers are using frevvo to automate routine processes and improve efficiency and services to students and staff. EUSD (Escondido Union School District) has been so successful at this – they’ve automated 8 approval workflows including Absence Records, Mileage Reimbursement, and Budget Transfers in the first three months – that they were even able to decommission SharePoint/InfoPath thanks to frevvo.

The fact is, schools are drowning in paper. Student work, parent & staff communications, travel reimbursements and many other processes are paper-based and require, emailing, printing and scanning.

Yet, for many schools, going paperless means 1:1 education, e-textbooks and expensive $500 gadgets for each student. It’s a fantastic goal undoubtedly but there’s also plenty of much lower-hanging fruit that’s ripe for automation and saving paper, time and money.

Check out this new infographic on the value/benefits of automating day-to-day K-12 workflows.

Every parent is familiar with consent forms for athletics, directory listing, emergency contact etc. (Miami-Dade County, Los Angeles USD). Typically, these require a parent/guardian to sign the form and they’re sent home on paper or printed out at home.

Internal approval workflows like travel reimbursement, field trip approval etc. (e.g. see New Haven USD, Cabrillo USD) are also commonplace. Typically, these are routed to a supervisor for approval i.e. to sign the form. The paper-based process is simply inefficient.

It’s 2016! There’s simply no excuse for outdated, manual systems that cause delays, result in unhappy students and staff and wasted time and money.

frevvo already has pre-built forms and workflows that can be customized in next to no time and deployed online. They can all be signed online, routed to the proper person electronically, used on mobile devices, delivered in multiple languages, generate PDFs, work with Google Apps for Education and a whole host of advanced capabilities. With affordable, cloud-based workflow products for K-12 process automation, there’s no need to deal with printing PDFs for signatures, correcting Excel-based time sheets, or tracking down approvals in email.

Learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.

[Video] HR Process Automation

One of the business problems customers most frequently solve with frevvo is HR process automation. Routine things like Employee On-boarding, Leave Approvals etc.

These everyday activities take an exorbitant amount of time if done manually. Employees and managers are waiting longer than necessary and spending more time/money than necessary to tackle these routine tasks. There’s also a much higher rate of inaccuracy in the manual process. Our infographics and other blog articles discuss how frevvo’s affordable, cloud-based workflow products for HR process automation can improve efficiencies in these areas. We’ve also created a short (2 min) video below to show you the benefits of using frevvo for HR process automation.

Interested in learning more? Visit our website to and see how customers are already using frevvo’s public and private cloud solutions to digitize their HR approval workflows.

frevvo + Google Apps: Part 6. Leave Approval Workflow

In previous articles in this series, we saw how you can save (write) submissions to a Google Sheet, use the Google Distance Matrix API to automatically calculate mileage and reimbursement amounts, create dynamic pick lists from a Google Sheet(read), update a Google Sheet and save your documents to Google Drive.

Today, we’ll put it all together and create a Leave Approval workflow. It has several steps.

1. Employee Requests Leave

Leave Request form

First, the employee logs in to the system (either directly to frevvo or integrated with Active Directory or other LDAP or SAML) and requests leave by filling out a form. This form reads Annual and Sick days from this Google Sheet for the currently logged in employee, shows them in the pick list labels and sets up the pick list options so that the employee can only select a valid # of days. The employee then signs the request digitally. This locks the section from being further edited. Finally, the employee sends the request to his/her manager for approval.

2. Manager Approval

Manager Approval (Smartphone)

The workflow then routes the request to that employee’s manager for approval. Since frevvo knows who the employee is, it can route to the specific person that needs to approve. The manager will get a notification email with a link to the leave request. He/she can then access the leave approval via the built-in task list and approve the request. If there are questions/concerns, the manager can reject it back to the employee for more information.

3. HR Department Processing

Finally, the workflow routes to the HR department for processing. Once HR has completed processing, the HR manager can click Finish and the workflow completes.

4. Update Google Sheets & Save to Google Drive

Once the workflow completes, the Google Sheet is automatically updated to reflect the changes in available days. The system will automatically subtract the number of approved days from the number that were originally available so that the data in the Sheet is always up-to-date.

PDF uploaded to Google Drive

The PDF Leave Approval document is also uploaded to Google Drive. The workflow is configured so that frevvo’s Google Connector will create a subfolder with the employee’s first and last names and the leave start date and upload the PDF of the approval to that subfolder so that it’s very easy to find at a later date.

5. Notify the Employee

Finally, the employee who originally requested the leave is also notified via email that the leave was approved and the PDF document is attached to the email. This way, the employee can save the documents for his/her records.

Does your organization use Google Apps? Are you interested in digitizing your day-to-day approval workflows and forms integrated with Google Apps? Visit our website to view examples, watch videos, sign up for a free 30-day trial or contact us for more information.