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[Customer Success Story] High Hopes frees up personnel to focus on participants

High HopesHigh Hopes, established in 1974, is a non profit, therapeutic horseback riding center. They serve individuals with disabilities through equine assisted activities, offer educational opportunities for professionals and rely on their volunteer corps for many administrative duties.

With a growing staff and significant volunteer corps, they were finding their paper-based processes (to track cancellations, volunteer inquiries, training and education candidates) to be cumbersome and wasteful.

“Now that we use frevvo regularly to manage our daily communication chains and workflows, it’s hard to imagine how we managed without it.” Megan Ellis, Volunteer Manager, High Hopes

They turned to frevvo’s cloud-based solutions to automate these. Using electronic forms and approval workflows that work with Google Spreadsheets, they’re saving time & money and, most important of all, they’ve freed up employees’ time so that that they can focus  on the participants they serve.

Read the Case Study and Sign up for a Free 30 day trial today.

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[Video] Electronic signatures in frevvo

Signatures are an integral part of approvals. For example, frevvo’s own Client Services Order workflow starts with someone here filling out order details. It’s then digitally signed so that the data cannot be modified. Then, it’s routed to the end customer. The customer clicks on a link in the notification email and reviews the order details (read-only). Once approved, he/she signs the order anonymously (no login required) just like signing on a piece of paper. The workflow is then routed back internally to frevvo for any further approvals and provisioning.

It’s easy to do, fast and efficient. Check out the new video below (4m 30s). Electronic signatures in frevvo are incredibly flexible and easy-to-use.

Contact us for more information or sign up for a free trial today and take a look at some of our approval workflow templates.

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It’s Your Right To Reject, With Reason.

We have many features and benefits in our product. We always like to use customer examples to show you how it works. This time we are using ourselves as the example. We use this feature in our Client Services order workflow to continuously develop business agility.

Here’s how it works:


Sales Employee –> Customer (Approval/Reject) –> Sales Employee

In a Client Services workflow, designed with frevvo,  the first step is filled in by a company employee who then clicks send when the Service Order is completed. Conveniently, the customer receives a customized email with a link to the service order. This link will direct the customer to the step in the flow needed to be completed by them. This step is completed when the customer approves and signs it, but what if they don’t approve!? No worries, frevvo has your back. “Remember, we are all about the user friendly experience?”

The reject option.

The customer now has the option to click the Reject button (which can be customized to say anything you want) and provides a reason for the rejection. Rather than trying to solve the mystery of “Why was I rejected,” you will find out why in an email sent in response to the rejection of the step. Rejection never felt so good. Ultimately, this flow will be routed back to the frevvo employee for revision.

In summary;

Easy Reject is a feature that allows steps in a flow to be sent back to a previous step by clicking the Reject button. The Reject feature is easily configured through the Live Forms Quick Approve wizard. The designer simply selects “reject to” or “reject from” for each step in the workflow, including steps performed by anonymous users, and all the configured steps will display a Reject button. It’s that easy.

The ability for an anonymous user to reject a workflow task is an important feature of frevvo workflows. Contact us today and see if it will fit your business needs. You can view full step by step instructions to implement this feature in a Purchase Order Workflow here!

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Looking for an InfoPath alternative?

There won’t be a new version of InfoPath and FoSL is dead. Your business needs real forms and approval workflows and you need them today. SharePoint workflows don’t really have sophisticated forms and SharePoint costs quickly get very high. What to do?

Certainly, there are third party products (such as Nintex or K2) that you can buy that work on top of SharePoint workflows and Microsoft even recently announced that InfoPath 2013 will continue to work with SharePoint 2016. But, should you continue to invest in InfoPath when even Microsoft isn’t?

Several customers have turneEscondido Union School District Case Studyd to frevvo precisely to solve this problem. We provide everything you need to digitize your day-to-day approvals – from collecting signatures, feedback and approvals using powerful, customized forms to workflows with routing, notifications, and escalations.

Check out this recent Case Study. Escondido Union School District had a number of PDF and paper forms for absence records, mileage reimbursement etc. that were being filled, printed, and hand-delivered for approvals & signatures. They did an exhaustive evaluation of numerous web-based workflow systems before choosing frevvo.

They’ve automated 8 approval workflows including Absence Records, Mileage Reimbursement, and Budget Transfers in the first three months. The District chose frevvo Live Forms over implementing these in an existing SharePoint install because it provided an easy-to-use solution that fully met business requirements at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, EUSD has decommissioned SharePoint as a result of their success with frevvo!

Read the Case Study here and Sign Up for a 30-day free trial today.

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What is your SMB missing without Cloud Computing?

I recently came across this interesting infographic from New Jersey Institute of Technology on Cloud Computing in small business. Small businesses, in particular, are adopting Cloud Computing because they can attain real benefits like:

  • Improved ability to move into new geographical markets
  • Simplification of internal operations
  • Better delivery of internal resources
  • New ways for employees to work, connect and collaborate
  • Faster rollout of new initiatives to exploit new opportunities

What is your SMB missing without Cloud ComputingIt’s exactly what we see our customers (whether they’re small or large companies) doing and it’s exactly what we do. Like our customers, we ourselves must focus on our core competencies. We use many Cloud Services ourselves to gain similar benefits from GoToMeeting to Google Analytics. Of course, we use our own product to automate our own approval workflows like Sales Orders, Employee On-Boarding, and Expense Reports. It means less wasted time and a much stronger focus on happy customers.

Like us, you can benefit from Cloud-based approval workflows too. Contact us if you need help or sign up for a free trial online. Like us, we think you’ll find that the sooner you adopt Cloud the bigger the benefits and the bigger your competitive advantage.

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“Can We frevvo That?”

frevvo is the name of our company, it’s our product, our Twitter handle, and now it’s a verb!

Our new employee Courtney used to be a customer of ours. She would talk to co workers in meetings and say things such as, “Hey we can frevvo that?” She loved being able to “frevvo” things so much she joined our team! Now she solves business needs by teaching anywhere from small businesses to large enterprises that they too can frevvo it.

Thanks to Courtney’s ingenious idea of using frevvo as a verb, we now want to share with the world all of the things you can frevvo! By the end of the article I want you to think about your company and ask yourself “can we frevvo that?” The answer, yes you can!


Purchase Order

Most, if not all, companies use purchase order forms. Using frevvo for your purchase orders not only makes it easier, more organized, and saves time, but you can go paperless. You can customize this to fit your specific needs. Learn more here. 

Expense Report

This workflow makes it easy to track expenses and keep them organized. Once filled out by the employee the manager (or person the employee directly reports to) will receive an email to approve or deny the request. You can view an example here to learn more.

Leave Approval

The leave approval is powered by a Google Spreadsheet! This ultimately makes for a great user friendly experience for everyone. Here you can select an employee from a drop down in the form that is populated from a Google Spreadsheet and fill in the rest. View an example here.

 Blood Warrant

Governments even find use in frevvo products. We feature an example of how to create a successful blood warrant. This flow is designed to go from the officer to the judge back to the officer in the matter of seconds. You can read more about our government forms/flows, in addition to instructions on how to design yours here.

You can view more information on each of the above listed forms and flows plus see more examples here!

So, can we frevvo that? Sign up today and recieve a 30-day free trial.