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Make life easier for parents

General Permission (English)
General Permission form with signature (English)

Like everyone else parents are busy people with too many things to think about. Filling out student forms by hand and signing them is just another thing to worry about.

Often a school will have a PDF form on its website – see the General Permission forms on this school’s website – that can be filled out online (fillable PDF). But, notice that the signature typically can’t be completed online and the PDF has to be printed, signed and sent back with the student or scanned and e-mailed to the school. Tedious, frustrating and wasteful.

General Permission (Spanish)
General Permission form with signature (Spanish)

Make life easier for these busy parents with frevvo. Try the General Permission form by clicking the images or here for the English version or here for the Spanish version. It can be integrated with your back end system or with Google Apps for Education to automatically pre-populate student information (less work for the parent, fewer mistakes). Sign electronically. The form automatically works on smart phones and tablets. It cannot be submitted with invalid or incomplete content.

After signing, click the View PDF links (English and Spanish) to see the exact original PDF generated from the form. See that the form can be filled in Spanish and still generate an English PDF and vice versa.

Enter your email address (we won’t store it or use it for any other purpose) and check your email. Does your organization use Google Apps? The documents can be automatically uploaded to a folder in Google Apps.

Simplify routine form filling for parents, save time and money for your school and get rid of one more annoying little detail. What’s not to like? Contact frevvo to learn more.

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Using Google Sheets to create advanced reports, charts and analytics from your submissions

Google Apps includes Sheets, using which you can create powerful online spreadsheets. frevvo forms and flows integrate with Sheets so you can save submissions to a spreadsheet. But that’s not all – Sheets includes some sophisticated capabilities including charts, queries, filters etc. and you can leverage these for powerful data analysis on your submission data.

We’ve created a simple example. Click the imageGeo Location Chart or this link. You’ll see a simple frevvo form with a few fields. Fill it in (all fields are required) and click Submit. The form adds your submission data to a Sheet and shows it. You’ll see your submission in the last row.

But, the spreadsheet also contains two other worksheets (the Tabs at the bottom). The first one (Geo Location) runs a query on the raw submission data and groups submissions by country. The Sheets Query language is very general and allows SQL-like queries. For example, the table in the Geo Location worksheet is generated using =QUERY(Results!A2:E2012, “select C, count(B) where E > 0 group by C”). Now that we have the data by country in a nice tabular format, we can generate a nice chart that plots submissions by country on a world map.

Pledge amount by positionThe second one (Pie Chart) runs a similar query except that it sums pledge amounts by country and by position. Once again, we have the required data in a table and can generate pie charts to report on the data.

In this way, you can use frevvo’s Google Connector and Sheets to create advanced reports, charts and analytics based on your form submissions. There’s a lot more you can do and we’ll be creating more examples over time.

Does your organization use Google Apps? Contact us to learn how you can automate your approval workflows and integrate with Google Apps to manage your documents and reports.

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Field trips should be about learning not permission forms

The world is your classroom – learning can and should happen outside the school. Field trips have been instrumental in education for hundreds of years. But a valuable learning experience takes significant planning and execution.

One of the most tedious aspects of a field trip is getting the requisite parental permissions. It means handing out paper forms to students, hoping that students bring them to their parents, collect the signature and return the forms to the teacher. It means following up with students and parents who forgot or lost the form. Wouldn’t you rather focus on the concepts and learning outcomes of the trip?

With frevvo, automating parental permissions is easyField Trip Permission Example. Click a button to initiate the process. If your school uses Google Apps for Education, the list of students, parent emails and other relevant information can be automatically retrieved from a Google Spreadsheet. Fill in some field trip information and click to initiate the authorization workflows. That’s it.

frevvo will send an email to each parent with a link that they can click on. Student and field trip information is pre-filled. All parents need to do is fill in a couple of Emergency Contact fields, sign electronically (smart phone, tablet or desktop) and Finish.

A PDF will be generated and e-mailed to the teacher with a copy to the parent. It contains all required data including the parent signature. If your school uses Google Apps for Education, the PDF can also be stored in Google Drive in the appropriate location or to your document management system. No need to file away paper slips. Of course, if necessary, you can always print the PDF.

Click the image or this link to try it for yourself. Contact us to learn more about frevvo’s solutions for education.

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Multi-language capabilities help manage K-12 demographic shifts

Unprecedented demographic shifts in the U.S. are creating a communications gap between teachers, principals, and the students and families they serve. More than 1 in 5 K-12 households don’t speak English and minorities will become the majority of children under 18 by 2023, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In spite of this, parents must still complete a whole host of paperwork for their kids such as Enrollment forms, Emergency Contact forms, Field-trip permission slips, and Health Assessments. Parents who struggle to read English have trouble completing these and the result is often frustration, incomplete information and wasted time & money.
Emergency Contact Form
With frevvo, it’s easy to combat these language barriers. Your school can provide forms to parents in multiple languages so they can provide important information easily and correctly. When complete, the system can generate PDFs in multiple languages using the data. For example, the form can be filled out in Spanish, parents can view the resulting PDF in Spanish while the school can save English and Spanish PDFs.


It’s more important now than ever to foster proper partnerships between schools and non-English speaking parents. frevvo is fast, easy and amazingly affordable. Interested? Contact us today.

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Automatic mileage calculation using the Google Distance API

A workflow for mileage reimbursement is a routine business approval workflow used in many organizations. Unfortunately, it’s usually a PDF form (for example, see here and here). The person filling it out must calculate the miles by doing things like subtracting odometer readings, adding them up for the total mileage and figuring out the reimbursement amount.

What a complete wasteMileage Reimbursement form of time!! With frevvo, everything is automated. Enter your origin and destination and the workflow will use the cloud-based Google Distance Matrix API to calculate the travel distance and enter it into the form. Of course, it’ll automatically do all the totaling, and use the latest mileage reimbursement rate to calculate the reimbursement amount.

Try it yourself by clicking the image or this link.

Why make your employees waste valuable time on unproductive things? Automating your approval workflows with frevvo will make your employees happier and simultaneously save you a surprising amount of time and money. Doesn’t get any better than that. Interested? Contact frevvo today.