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What’s the ROI of using frevvo to replace PDF-based approval workflows in your school?

Are your teachers and staff burdened with unnecessary paperwork for even the most routine approvals like taking a day off or purchasing supplies? E-mailing PDF documents around for approvals is surprisingly time-consuming and, ultimately, expensive.

ROI Calculator

Click the image to try out this ROI Calculator to see how much just one of these paper-based approvals is costing you and how quickly you can start saving money each and every month.

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1 more reason to Upgrade to Live Forms v5.3

If the 6 reasons to upgrade to Live Forms v5.3 was not enough to encourage you to schedule time to upgrade your frevvo software, here’s one more reason…

On October 5, 2014 v4.1.x will reach End of Live. v5.3 will be the last release that supports automated migration from v4.1.7+ and there will be no further critical patch updates to v4.1.x.

Time to plan your upgrade to v5.3 and gain all the benefits of much more beautiful forms and Mobile devices support. Download your v5.3 upgrade software here.


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Let teachers focus on education

Teachers want to just teach. They are hard-working, dedicated individuals capable of inspiring the kids they teach. Yet, they’re often burdened with unnecessary paperwork even for the most routine tasks like getting approval for taking a personal day off or purchasing supplies. It’s often a PDF form with complicated instructions (here and here for more examples) and the process is time-consuming, frustrating and expensive.

Automate these approvals with frevvo and you’ll save time and money, end up with happier teachers and staff and do all that at an amazingly affordable price. Watch the short (2.5 min) video below to see how.

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Approval Workflows for Education

Approval workflows for education – frevvo Live Forms

Teachers and educators at all levels already face numerous challenges. There’s always too much to do, not enough budget for it and too little time. Teachers prefer to focus on teaching, yet, like the rest of us, they need to take vacation, purchase supplies and get the needed approvals.

Usually, this means filling out a PDF form (here and here for more examples), printing it out and getting approvals. Each one has complicated instructions and the process is time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. Why make teachers waste time when they’d rather be teaching?

An automated frevvo workflow will dramatically reduce your costs and increase productivity. You’ll also have happier teachers. All this at an extremely affordable price and positive ROI in an amazingly short period of time.

  • Instead of searching for the latest form, teachers can simply click a nice, friendly icon and fill out an electronic form. frevvo automatically provides a natural user experience so the form looks great and is easy to use.
  • There’s no need for printing and scanning. Just sign electronically on a touchscreen or with the mouse.
  • frevvo forms automatically perform calculations and validate entries so there are no errors and no need to make corrections.
  • Mobile is built in. Employees can take pictures of documents using the camera and attach them to the form, for example receipts for an expense report.
  • frevvo can also generate PDF documents including complex Government forms like a Federal W-4. Data entered by the user can be copied to the W-4 including the user’s signature.
  • There’s no need for teachers and staff to understand complex routing rules.  frevvo can automatically route the forms and ensure that they are delivered to the right people at the right time.

Want to learn more? Visit our website, try frevvo absolutely free for 30 days or contact us for more information.

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v5.3 Release Announcement

Our customers and partners have been patiently waiting for this next major Live Forms release. Many of you have been banging at our doors for the new features and fixes. 🙂 Honestly we couldn’t wait to get these new v5.3 features into your hands as well! We always seem to need to cram “just one more” thing into each release and are already working on v6 planned for fall ’14.

We’re happy to announce the GA release of Live Forms v5.3.2 today for our In-house customers and partners. This release supports easy upgrade from  both v4.1.7+ and v5.1.1. Read the announcement here. v5.3.1 was released earlier on May 4th to the frevvo Cloud hosted (SaaS) platform.

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6 reasons to upgrade to Live Forms v5.3

Live Forms v5.3 contains many new features that improve usability and the look & feel of your forms. Here are a few of the top reasons to upgrade:

  1. Creating beautiful forms is even faster!
  2. Forms work great on Mobile with no additional work by designers!
  3. Control decorators and placeholders provide great visual form filling hints.
  4. Access Control enhancements enable designers to specify fine grained permissions for using forms/flows, viewing/editing submissions, and audit trail view.
  5. New Shared Items let form users access past submissions.
  6. New layouts and customizable styles replace the need for css based themes. Read why that is good news!

iPad Space










See the Live Forms Release Notes for more reasons to upgrade.

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The surprising cost of Excel approval workflows …

… or The Amazing ROI of frevvo approval workflows

Many businesses still use Excel/Word/PDF for approval workflows. For example, to get the requisite approvals for an expense report, a purchase requisition, project plan or some other important document, it’s very common for the original requester to pull up an Excel spreadsheet and fill it out. This ad-hoc approach is fraught with problems:

  • How do you ensure that you have the latest version? Shared folder? Intranet?
  • How do you get the approvals? Via e-mail? Schedule a meeting? What happens if someone is on vacation or fails to respond in a timely manner? What if there’s an error? More e-mail?
  • What if a signature is required? Attachments? Does this mean printing, signing and scanning?
  • How do you keep track of and formally record who has approved the document? Save multiple e-mails? Meeting notes?
  • What will happen months from now when you need to find the signed and approved document?

ROI: Excel vs frevvo approval workflowsExcel-based approval workflows are surprisingly expensive and an automated approval workflow from frevvo can save you tons of money. It’s fast and easy to implement and you’ll start seeing positive ROI in 2-3 months (even faster at higher volumes). Check out this ROI calculator or click on the image to see how frevvo can save you $$$. As a bonus, you’ll have happier employees.

So, enough already with e-mailing Excel spreadsheets around. Interested? Contact us now. It’s amazingly easy and affordable with frevvo.