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How do I use my frevvo forms and workflows on mobile devices?

frevvo forms and workflows work well and look great on mobile devices, of course. But how do you deploy them so people can easily access them on their smart phones and tablets? That’s where Spaces come in handy. A single frevvo Space can handle all mobile platforms as well as desktop systems.

Click on Spaces in the left menu and add a new space. frevvo will automatically generate a portal with your deployed forms and, of course, you can modify the menus, display text, add a custom logo, change the color scheme, watermark etc. so the Space has your desired look & feel.

Here’s what it looks like on the tablet and you can bookmark it and add it to your home screen. The forms and workflows appear as icons (you can add your own thumbnails) – something users are familiar with on mobile. Click on an icon to access the form or workflow. The Space takes care of rendering it nicely, adding navigation (Next/Back/Cancel/Login/Logout) and making the experience intuitive for mobile users. You can also easily access your Task List, view and perform your pending tasks, audit trails etc. The Space will automatically render only public forms and flows if the user is not authenticated so users can only see what they have access to. Nice and easy.

Space on tablet

The Space will automatically render differently on the phone with smaller icons. The space itself and its embedded forms, flows and task list are responsive and automatically adjust to the smaller screen size on the phone.

Space on phone

Of course, we didn’t forget about the desktops. The space looks natural with drop down menus for your forms – a paradigm people are used to on the desktop.

Space on desktop

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6 Approval Workflows that you can easily automate with frevvo

Many business workflows follow a common pattern. Someone (applicant, employee, customer) fills out a form in the first step and the form is then routed to one or more people (manager, reviewer) for comments, signatures and approval. It can be rejected, sent back to the original requester for modification, circulate among multiple reviewers (comment on a proposal), require multiple approvals (amount > 1000) etc. but fundamentally the pattern is the same. You can map this to paper forms in use today: it’s very common to have large sections for data entry followed by one or more “Office Use Only” type of sections.

Approval Workflow

It’s very easy to automate these workflows with frevvo. The request fills out the original form (or set of forms) electronically and frevvo routes it to the appropriate person or persons according to the desired business scenario. They’re notified and can take action instantly using any device e.g. instant approval using a smart phone. With e-signatures, PDF generation, full mobile support, built-in workflow, and available cloud deployment frevvo is an ideal and affordable solution for approval workflows. Of course, frevvo also has multiple integration options so you can save your data but that’s for another article.

Consider these areas of your business where you may be able to automate approval workflows.

  1. Expense Reports: Expense reports suck. Automate them easily. Check out our 3 minute video.
  2. Grant/Scholarship Approval: Common in colleges and nonprofits. It’s slow, expensive and opaque and exactly fits the above pattern.
  3. Purchasing: An employee needs to buy something but requires a manager’s approval. Additional approval may be needed if the amount is greater than some set amount.
  4. Leave Approval: Everyone needs a day off now and then. There’s no need to be stuck with paper or Word documents and having to hand it or email it to your manager. Check out this Tutorial.
  5. Compliance and Policy: Many regulatory requirements involve documenting incidents or certifications. The workflow is very similar: an accident report is filed and must be reviewed and signed by a responsible person in the company.
  6. Patient Referral: An admin or nurse fills out paperwork for a hospital procedure, which must be reviewed and approved by the doctor before it is forwarded to a hospital.

Approval workflows are everyday actions that businesses perform on a routine basis. Automating them saves time and money and increases your employees’ & customers’ happiness by freeing them from tedious everyday tasks. Now, who wouldn’t want that 🙂

Learn more quickly: check out one of our short videos and contact us if you have questions.

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Our Own Nexus of Forces: Mobile, Cloud and Enterprise*

Cloud-ComputingEarly in the year, it’s always interesting to look at and think about Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014 (phew, that’s quite a mouthful). These are things that enterprises should be planning for over the next 3 years. This year’s trends include:

  • Mobile Device Diversity and Management: exploding variety of devices, BYOD and a doubling/tripling of the mobile workforce.
  • Mobile Apps and Applications: lots of buzzwords here but the bottom line is that JavaScript and HTML5 have reached the point where browsers are where it’s at for enterprise applications. That means lots of e-forms.
  • Cloud/Client Architecture: simply put, enterprises are getting comfortable with putting their stuff (including apps) in the cloud.

frevvo’s nicely positioned at this nexus of mobile, cloud and enterprise*. Our e-forms and workflows already use JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 and run in browsers. Automatic, responsive layouts make sure that you don’t have to worry about mobile diversity – it just works. And, we’ve been providing cloud solutions for years – every single day we see that our customers from big companies to hospitals to universities are getting comfortable with putting their critical applications in the cloud. On top of all this, they look beautiful, are easy to build, easy to use and extremely affordable.

What are you waiting for? Learn more quickly: check out one of our short videos and contact us if you have questions.

* 2 years ago Gartner came up with their Nexus of Forces:

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Beautiful responsive web forms

Mobile browsing is already on track to outpace desktop browsing. Responsive web design allows you to craft sites that are flexible and provide an optimal experience across a wide range of devices. But, what about web forms? Your customers will want to engage with you across all these platforms. HTML5 and CSS3 can help but, as this recent article shows, it’s hardly easy even for a simple contact form. And, actually making your form attractive and usable means more CSS3 and lots of testing. Try this for real-world business forms and you’re talking serious $$$.

frevvo to the rescue!

With frevvo, all this stuff just works. Here’s a simple contact form created in 30 seconds just by dragging and dropping. On the desktop, with all that screen real estate, related fields have been grouped together on a horizontal line. The form looks great. You can easily change colors etc. but that’s for another article.


Now try the same form on your iPhone. The form fields all line up perfectly and the horizontally grouped fields automatically re-arrange themselves to fit the smaller screen. State and Zip naturally fit next to each other so they’re laid out that way. It looks great and is easy to use and fill out for your users. Best of all, zero CSS3 or HTML5 or any code whatsoever. Compare this with Amazon’s registration form – why waste space that’s already limited? GMail’s signup form looks pretty good though the fonts are still too small and it’s hard to read.

Portrait Forms

So, what will many of you do? Naturally, rotate your device. The frevvo form automatically adjusts. The fields expand to make use of the available space – after all, that’s why you rotated the device. Neither Amazon’s nor Google’s form adjusts. Both waste vast amounts of scarce real estate. Even with their massive web development resources, neither manages to get a simple form right.


What about you? Want to stop worrying about technical details like this. Contact frevvo today.