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Pixel Perfect and Digital Signatures Webinar

Did you have a chance to attend our PDF and Wet Signatures Webinar ? If not or if you want to watch it again you can go here.

Our session on September 19th saw an attendance that surpassed our expectations and it was quite interactive with lots of questions. I think it is a good idea to discuss the most common questions from the audience and here they are:

Do I need a paid version of Adobe Reader to create the mappings ?

No. Adobe reader, mac preview, are all known to work well for filling out the AcroForm during the mapping stage.

How can I create fillable PDFs ?

The PDFs used in the Webinar were downloaded from the IRS website with fields already fillable. You can use commercially available PDF authoring tools to produce your own AcroForms.

Are PDF repeating elements supported ? 

Yes, they are. Each repeating frevvo field is uniquely identified with an index and with the mapper you can map to the corresponding PDF repeat field.

In the Webinar you can clearly hear me saying that PDFs don’t have repeating elements. Well, maybe its good to clarify that statement before my opponents have a chance to use it during my eventual presidential bid. It is a matter of semantics.

Repeats in frevvo allow for the number of repeating elements to be defined at run time. You click the plus sign, a new element shows up, click the minus and it is gone. PDFs have repeating elements but they are statically defined and, as I said, we have it covered.

What I meant to say was that PDFs don’t have dynamic repeating elements like frevvo does.

What is the data format of  the wet signature ? 

It is a PNG.

Is it possible to conditionally generate some forms and not others ? 

Yes, using pre-conditions you can define which PDFs will be created based on form data.

Is it possible for the frevvo digital signature security to somehow be passed along to the PDF signature security?

frevvo does not support the setting of digital signatures on PDF AcroForms. Also, frevvo “flattens out” generated PDFs and while the data is maintained we actually remove the fillable fields.  This is not a guarantee of authenticity, but is probably sufficient for a wide range of cases.

Would you like to add to the list ? Comment ? Please do.

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Pixel Perfect Forms and Digital Signatures

Everyone hates filling out complicated forms like Government W-4s. Customers want to enter the minimum amount of data in the least amount of time and do it also from their phones and tablets. But, in the real world, you need those pesky PDFs. What to do? With frevvo, you can provide a fantastic user experience on any device while taking care of details such as generating required PDF documents or collecting real signatures.

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