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Pick Two

Sometimes we run into prospects who want us to do demos for them, provide customer support on the phone to help with POCs or answer questions, keep improving the product etc. all for $30/month, which is what some other products cost. Of course we can’t. Why not? As usual, Sheldon says it most eloquently.

Pick Two

Attaining all three is simply impossible. Our local coffee shop Willoughby’s sells a great product and has great service but the prices are high. It’s worth it to us. WalMart has decent products and great prices but I’m sure you’d agree that their service is terrible.

Which two did we choose? You guessed it: a fantastic product and great customer service … at a reasonable price. Thankfully for us, many many customers agree! I hope you will too.

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Task List Improvements

As customers use workflows, they’ve been telling us about some improvements they’d like to see. We’ve made a few changes with more on the way soon.

Task List Enhancements
Task List Improvements
  1. We’ve added some shortcuts to the top for the most common searches.
  2. Click on “Recent” and you’ll now see a list of items that are pending for you to take action, forms/workflows that you have saved as well as workflows that you have recently participated in so that you can quickly check the status of, say, a pending Leave Approval request. This is the most commonly requested item.
  3. Click on “Saved” and you’ll see a list of forms & workflows that you have saved and are waiting for completion.
  4. With one click, you can now discard saved forms that you are no longer interested in.
  5. Tasks on your task list are also color-coded so it’s easy to see the status of a task: red ones are aborted, green ones are submitted and amber ones are pending.
You’ll see these changes in v4.1.5 (later this month). Going forward, we’re working on several other improvements:
  1. Saved searches. You’ll be able to search for tasks using certain criteria and save a shortcut that you can reuse in the future.
  2. View other people’s tasks. Today, you can only view a task if it is pending for you or if you have participated in the corresponding workflow. But, that’s usually not enough. Maybe there are a dozen Leave Approval processes pending throughout the company and HR wants to view the status of all of them.
  3. Read-only view of the current state. It’s like a paper form moving through the organization. I know it’s waiting for someone else to take action but I’d like to view the current state.
Any more ideas? We’d love to hear them.
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Custom JavaScript in forms

We keep getting asked this question: can I create my own custom JavaScript that gets called when something happens in the form e.g. a control value changes or something is clicked.

You can do that in frevvo using a custom theme. It’s definitely unusual to provide custom JavaScript in the theme which is supposed to be for customizing look & feel only. We’ll be moving this out of the theme in an upcoming version.

In any event, you can associate JS handlers for any event associated with any control in the form e.g. a valueChange event. When the value of the control changes your JS function will be called. For details, please see the documentation on this at

It’s very important to remember that this JavaScript runs in the client browser and functions defined there cannot be used in rules, which run on the frevvo server.

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Don’t stop me now – Google Doodle

Wow! It’s not often that our blog has personal items but today’s Google Doodle (Sep 6, 2011) is totally worth a look.

I loved Queen and Freddie Mercury was one of the most amazing talents I’ve ever seen. It’s great to see Google honor him on what would have been his 65th birthday. Dr. Brian May also guest posts a wonderful memorial on the Google Blog.

Like a great comet, he left a luminous trail which will sparkle for many a generation to come.

If you haven’t seen it already, go take a look now.