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Delays due to Irene

We’re experiencing significant delays due to Hurricane Irene; power/phone/Internet to our main CT office is out. Most of our homes are in the same boat. We’re doing our best with alternate locations, cell cards etc. to respond to customer support, emails, phones etc. but it’s slow going. The frevvo SaaS service and customer installations remain unaffected by this.

We really appreciate your patience and hope we can get back to normal soon. Thanks to so many for your kind words.

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A busy summer

At frevvo, we’ve had a very hectic summer. Mostly, we’ve been working on making frevvo Enterprise-grade [for a couple of huge customers we hope to announce soon]. Soon, customers will be able to:

  • Deploy frevvo on clustered servers for unlimited horizontal scaling and fault tolerance.
  • Employ separate roles for designing forms/workflows, publishing them from dev -> test -> staging -> production, and for viewing submissions.
  • Share forms and workflows across users/roles with varying sharing permissions.
  • Version their forms and workflows.
  • Create globally-available IT services/bindings that business users can simply use in their forms.
  • Create fully self-contained deployment artifacts that can be downloaded, saved to SVN repositories, and uploaded to any frevvo server/cluster without changes.
  • Deploy on Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • and many other new capabilities …
It’s going to be several months before these things are available but, in the meantime, we’ve also worked hard on performance (CPU & memory), reliability, and usability rather than new features. V4.1.5 (coming in September) will be our fastest and most reliable version and we hope you’ll be using it soon.