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What’s an electronic Leave Approval process worth? The answer may surprise you.

I was just talking to a couple of companies that are looking at using frevvo + Google Apps to create an electronic workflow for Leave Approvals. After the discussion, I decided to try and quantify the value. Assume that:

  • An Employee making $50K saves 5 min by using an e-form.
  • A Manager making $80K saves 5 min in the approval process.
  • A Data Entry clerk making $40K saves 10 min since data is now already electronic.
  • Let’s say there are 20 approvals a month for a 200 person company.
  • The paper process costs you almost $40K per year. The e-workflow costs you just $11.5K. You’ll save more than $28K or 70% every single year.
  • Including initial implementation costs, you’ll recoup your costs in 6-8 months.
That’s just for one workflow. Implement a second one and there’s no extra software cost. You’ll save even more. It’s not always easy to see how expensive those paper-based workflows really are and how easy it is to get real value for your money using frevvo.
Try the ROI calculator for your own organization.
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The simple stuff costs money too

Customers are always prioritizing where to put scarce investment capital. Should we invest in that new CRM system or should we create a new online portal or some other project. Most CIOs and IT department personnel are swamped with work and, therefore, tend to focus on the big stuff.

But … there’s a lot of money in the small stuff. We’ve been discovering this at many of our customers. For example, a major US University bought Live Forms for automating their student admissions process. Obviously, it’s a mission-critical thing for Universities – they had better be good at admitting students – and it’s a project slated to take many months.

Within 2 weeks of deploying Live Forms, one of their Departments wanted to create monthly surveys to collect student feedback. Now, normally this would mean either a paper-based survey or a programmer putting together each survey and providing a report of the results. They suddenly realized that they now had a new option. They created an account for the Department managers on the Live Forms server and pointed them to the tutorials. Within days, they were creating their own survey forms and exporting the results to Excel. It took less than five minutes of an expensive developer’s time. Less than a month after deploying Live Forms, they were already getting positive ROI from a simple application that they hadn’t even considered before.

It’s just one example out of many where customers are rapidly finding uses for frevvo and benefiting in days rather than months. Interested? Check out where you will find short videos demonstrating Live Forms or Contact Us for more details.