Month: April 2011

Tutorial: working with Digitech ImageSilo/PVE

frevvo Live Forms supports direct connectivity with Digitech Systems’ PaperVision and ImageSilo document management products. The PaperVision Connector allows you to save form or workflow submissions to the document management repository as PDF, TIFF, JPG and GIF format.

If you’d like to try it out, check out this Step-by-Step Tutorial. It walks you through the drop-dead simple process of creating powerful e-forms that work with ImageSilo or PVE. You could have your first form done in as little as 15 min.

If you prefer a really quick introduction, check out the 3 min video from this earlier post.

How to process form/workflow data

Now that you’ve created your form or workflow, what are the various things you can do when it is submitted? With frevvo, there are many many flexible options. You can simply view your submissions online or send them to your own web server for processing or use the frevvo API to perform detailed post-processing of submission data. We’ve documented this in this new Tutorial on processing form data.

We’ll keep updating this as required but if you want to see all the options available to you, check it out.

Customers are creating all kinds of interesting workflows

Now that we’ve had workflows out there for several months, customers have been creating all kinds of interesting workflows. We’ve even added some new capabilities to the product to accommodate the feedback we’ve been getting. With frevvo flows, you can quickly and easily create:

  • Multi-page forms with a navigation toolbar e.g. an application with multiple steps.
  • Simple, role-based approval workflows e.g. a Nurse refers a patient, any Doctor must approve.
  • Specific-user-based approval workflows e.g. an Employee requests vacation, a specific Manager must approve.
  • Dynamic roles where the role for the next step is determined at runtime e.g. a Purchase Order where the approval must be performed by a Manager if the amount is less than $1000 and a Supervisor otherwise.
  • Looping between multiple users in a role e.g.  an Issue Tracking workflow where an Issue entered by an employee might have multiple actions by support staff before the issue is resolved.
  • Ad-hoc workflows where a step is passed between arbitrary users e.g. a Proposal review where the second Review step is performed by a number of users in any ad-hoc order.
  • Rejecting a step and sending it back to the original user e.g. an Expense Approval workflow where the approving manager may decide to send the workflow back to the original employee for corrections.
Want to learn more. Check out the documentation. It contains links to videos, step-by-step Tutorials and more.

Reusable controls with the custom palette

With Live Forms, you can create complex reusable controls including sophisticated layouts, validation patterns, business rules etc. Once these controls have been created, you can publish them within the form designer. Other users can search for and find the published controls and re-use them in their own forms without having to re-create the layout, rules etc.

If you think you can use this, check out this 4.5 min video that shows all:

Form layouts using Panels, Sections, Tabs & Repeats

With Live Forms you can create forms with very sophisticated layouts that are similar to your most complex existing forms. The best part is there’s no programming or CSS or JavaScript involved. Just drag and drop.

  • Using Panels, you can easily create multi-column layouts with controls next to each other.
  • Sections allow you to create collapsible groupings of controls and place logically-related controls together.
  • Tabs are a great way to fit large forms into limited real estate.
  • Repeat controls are extremely powerful and can be used to create repeating individual controls (nick name, phone …) or repeating sections (address, incident …). frevvo will manage min and max occurrences automatically and ensure that invalid forms cannot be submitted.

This short (5 min) video introduces you to using these grouping controls for form layout.

There are many other cool things you can do with frevvo forms but that’s for another article and another video.