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Can I use SaaS frevvo with Confluence?

The short answer is “Yes” … we’ve always provided a SaaS version of our product. However, we have not yet supported using it with Confluence (either your own or hosted).

We expect to provide this service for production use with V4.1.3 of frevvo, which will be released around the end of February. You can try it out right now at no cost on a test server (obviously, that helps us as well). If you’re interested in doing that, please contact us.

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Installing frevvo for Confluence

If you want to use online forms and workflows in Confluence, frevvo Live Forms for Confluence is a great choice. It’s extremely easy to use and straightforward to install as well. However, customers sometimes get confused – Live Forms for Confluence has two components: a Confluence plugin and the frevvo server. Both are required and the plugin must be configured to connect to the server.

This [6 min] video shows how:

I recommend you watch it in 720p HD and if possible in full screen though that might make it hard to follow along while you install.

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How do I signup for SaaS workflows on

Obviously, we need to make it easier 🙂 but, as of now, here’s what you have to do to sign up for and start using workflows on

  1. Sign up on
  2. Activate your account
  3. Setup your users and roles

Here’s a short video (2.5 min) that shows how to do this.


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Super-EZ Workflows in Confluence

We’re hearing from more and more prospects who want to create simple workflows in Confluence for things like Expense Reports, Vacation Requests, Timesheets, Patient Referrals, and Purchase Orders.

With frevvo, you can easily create these workflows with no programming and without ever leaving Confluence. Check out this short (3.5 min) video that shows how:

You might be interested in this article that shows how easy it is to create surveys, event registrations and other forms in Confluence and download the results to Excel.

If you like what you see, you can get a free 30-day trial version from our web site.

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Time is precious for any business, especially a non-profit

Gateway to College National Network (GtCNN) is a national nonprofit organization that’s tackling the dropout crisis and catalyzing change across developmental education in college.

As they grow, it’s harder and far more expensive to use email and Word documents for business-critical things like accurately harvesting contact information for their large and growing national user base.

They’re using frevvo Live Forms for Confluence together with the built-in SQL connector, Excel export and workflows to reduce 50-60% of staff hours spent on conference registration and contact management.

Read the case study.

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E-forms for ImageSilo or PVE

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Live Forms is integrated with Digitech Systems’ ImageSilo and PVE document management products. Check out this short video:

This 3 min video shows you how easy it is. Drag and drop to create your e-forms or workflows and simply connect them to ImageSilo or PVE using completely visual wizards.

Short link:

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We’re gonna be at Makin’ Moolah

frevvo’s visiting Denver this week for Digitech Systems’ annual reseller event (Makin’ Moolah 2011). Live Forms is integrated with their PaperVision Enterprise and SaaS ECM ImageSilo service and we’ve been working with several resellers over the past few months.

We have some happy joint customers  (see and and we’re excited about doing some good things together in 2011.

Thanks Digitech for inviting us!

Short link:

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How a single e-form is worth $100,000

Another interesting lesson from a customer. All Island Gastroenterology & Liver Associates (AIG) uses frevvo for a variety of forms. Patients often spend 15-20 minutes in the office filling out paper forms such as Medical History. The resulting delays and back-ups imply that doctors can see fewer patients because they’re waiting on paperwork.

If just 50% of patients fill out the Medical History form online, AIG’s doctors will gain 3-4 extra hours of billable time each week, a value of almost $100,000 annually. And, that doesn’t even take into account the fact that AIG staff spends less time on paperwork, the quality of the patient visit goes up or any of the other paper forms/processes that they are automating.

It’s cool – a single e-form can be so valuable.

Read more or download a case study.

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It’s amazing what you learn from customers

Every time I talk to a customer, I learn something interesting. Syracuse University bought our Live Forms product. I thought they were buying it to use forms as part of IT-developed web applications. The relatively complicated stuff. I think so did they …

Turns out, once they deployed frevvo, they realized that a lot of precious IT time was being spent to do simple things like event registration, food services surveys etc. The fact that a business user can create a simple form with frevvo and crucially, can collect and download the submissions themselves to MS Excel, makes this a killer app for frevvo within Syracuse.

Today, when someone wants to build a simple survey or registration form, the IT guys spend 5 minutes creating an account.

Now, they’re still going to use it for the complex stuff but this one basic use of frevvo is enough to justify the price and they see positive ROI. I’m hearing this over and over again from customers. It’s cool.

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How to limit textarea input length

One frequent questions I get is how to limit the number of characters that a user is allowed to enter into a textarea control.

The html textarea control does not support a maxlength property. You can google this same question and find answers on how enforce maxlength for textareas using client side scripting. However in frevvo it’s very easy using a business rule.

Imagine our form contains a textarea input called Description that we want to limit to 500 characters. If the user enters > 500 we want the form to indicate the error and tell the user how many characters they are over the limit. And most important we don’t want to allow them to submit the form until they correct the description to be < 500 characters.

This simple business rule does this for a textarea control named ‘D’. See the frevvobusiness rules documentation for details. Try a sample form here

if (D.value.length > 500) {
D.valid = false;
D.status = 'Invalid. Max 500 chars allowed and you have entered: ' + D.value.length;
} else {
D.valid = true;

Html does support the maxlength property for other control types and the browsers respect this by preventing entry of more characters then the specified maxlength. frevvo support maxlength for non textarea controls via the Max Length property in the form designer.