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Just do nothing for a while …

It’s the middle of summer here in CT and it’s hot and sunny and we’ve forgotten all about the piles of winter snow. Time to slow down and do nothing for a while.BC Doing Nothing

No such luck here at frevvo. We’ve already rolled out several updates and are working on a many more primarily based upon customer feedback.

  • V6.2 (slated for October) will support SAML 2.0 allowing customers to authenticate from the cloud using internal LDAP (e.g. Active Directory) without directly connecting to it.
  • Many customers are already using frevvo on Android happily. With V6.2, we will finally offer formal support for Android tablets and smart phones.
  • We’ll also be supporting signature pads (like Topaz) in 6.2. It’s been a long-requested item that’s finally made it to the product.
  • Confluence 5.8.x has been out for a while. We’re almost there with a new plugin that supports frevvo in this version of Confluence.
  • V6.2 will also add IE11 for design, SQL 2014 and Oracle 12c for databases, Jaws 16 for accessibility and support for Java 8 runtime.
  • V6.1 added major new features like Workflow Escalations, Accessibility and others. We’ve already released many small features / updates as customers have been using them and giving us feedback.
  • Beyond these, we’re already working on major enhancements to the task list and submissions view, reporting, workflow analytics and a whole host of big new features.

All really cool stuff but it sure would be nice to just    do       nothing          for             a                while       .. … 🙂

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