“Can We frevvo That?”

frevvo is the name of our company, it’s our product, our Twitter handle, and now it’s a verb!

Our new employee Courtney used to be a customer of ours. She would talk to co workers in meetings and say things such as, “Hey we can frevvo that?” She loved being able to “frevvo” things so much she joined our team! Now she solves business needs by teaching anywhere from small businesses to large enterprises that they too can frevvo it.

Thanks to Courtney’s ingenious idea of using frevvo as a verb, we now want to share with the world all of the things you can frevvo! By the end of the article I want you to think about your company and ask yourself “can we frevvo that?” The answer, yes you can!


Purchase Order

Most, if not all, companies use purchase order forms. Using frevvo for your purchase orders not only makes it easier, more organized, and saves time, but you can go paperless. You can customize this to fit your specific needs. Learn more here. 

Expense Report

This workflow makes it easy to track expenses and keep them organized. Once filled out by the employee the manager (or person the employee directly reports to) will receive an email to approve or deny the request. You can view an example here to learn more.

Leave Approval

The leave approval is powered by a Google Spreadsheet! This ultimately makes for a great user friendly experience for everyone. Here you can select an employee from a drop down in the form that is populated from a Google Spreadsheet and fill in the rest. View an example here.

 Blood Warrant

Governments even find use in frevvo products. We feature an example of how to create a successful blood warrant. This flow is designed to go from the officer to the judge back to the officer in the matter of seconds. You can read more about our government forms/flows, in addition to instructions on how to design yours here.

You can view more information on each of the above listed forms and flows plus see more examples here!

So, can we frevvo that?

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[Infographic] Why Hybrid Cloud?

 Tell me, Why Hybrid Cloud?

Why hybrid cloud? Why not hybrid cloud is the question you’ll be asking yourself after this article!

Hybrid Cloud: “A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service utilizing both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization.” (http://www.interoute.com/cloud-article/what-hybrid-cloud)

The Road to Hybrid Cloud. The cloud computing model continues to create a larger and larger footprint in the IT landscape as enterprises pursue the model’s benefits including but not limited to: 1) shared resources 2) facilitated access to information and resources from anywhere on any device 3) on demand provisioning and reallocation of computational resources. The greatest benefits are typically achieved using public cloud services however most organizations are unwilling to put ALL their data (particularly sensitive information) into public cloud solutions. In order to still reap the benefits of the cloud computing model, organizations will implement some solutions on internal private cloud platforms.

What is Hybrid Cloud and How Does It Work. A hybrid cloud refers to an environment that runs both public and private cloud services AND provides a way to to share data between them. Typically the data shared with public cloud services is limited and secured/encrypted to reduce exposure. Exposing a server within your firewall to a public cloud service is not what we mean by hybrid. A hybrid cloud connects 2 or more internal and external cloud platforms in such a way that they can exchange information.

What Are the Advantages. A hybrid cloud allows organizations to leverage the efficiency gains of the cloud computing model without having to expose all their data to public cloud services by providing mechanisms to securely share data. Once mechanisms have been defined for exchanging data between internal and external cloud platforms, CIOs can incrementally control what data is exposed to public cloud solutions. The ability to integrate internal data with external/public cloud services is hugely beneficial (if not required) to leverage public cloud services in a compelling and useful fashion.

The Benefits of frevvo. When you sign up for an account on app.frevvo.com, you’re using frevvo in the public cloud. If you deploy frevvo within your organization, you are setting up frevvo as a multi-tenant, private cloud solution. Either way, there are many examples of frevvo participating in hybrid cloud architectures. A frevvo account running in the public cloud could be configured to securely access LDAP information running within a private cloud. Enterprises running frevvo within their private cloud infrastructure can write data to google spreadsheets (public cloud). Another example is utilizing frevvo’s database connector to allow frevvo from either a public or private cloud to integrate with any back-end relational database.

In Summary. This cloud computing phenomenon migrates both, public cloud and private cloud services, to solve your business needs. From small business to large enterprises, being able to keep private information secure as well as hosting public information is very beneficial. As noted on the infographic (pictured to the left) using frevvo in the hybrid cloud is a business strategy to lead you to successful business agility. Our cloud based product is mobile ready, with a drag & drop easy design, that allows you to create custom forms and workflows to increase business agility.

Click here to view the infographic in full. You can learn more about frevvo on our website as well as join today and receive a free 30 day trial!!.

Do you “Like” frevvo?

I recently stumbled across this cloudtastic (Cloudtastic: a term used by those working with or in the cloud when finding something to be great or fantastic) article, “6 New Facebook Features for Business: What Marketers Need to Know.” This article made me stop and think of you, yes you. Do you like frevvo? I don’t mean “like” as in all of it’s wonderful features and benefits that increase business agility and enterprise mobility, but physically “like”. As in visiting our Facebook page and clicking “like.”

Untitled design-1

Now that you like us, thank you by the way, Facebook has added a new feature where you, yes you, can select frevvo to be seen first on your news feed. I love this idea as frevvo prides itself on a user friendly experience, just like this would be for you. frevvo’s most important updates at your finger tips whenever you glance at your news feed.

Let’s face it. Customization is amazing and it’s great Facebook has added it. This new customizable feature is another cloudtastic change to Facebook. Just like with frevvo’s products you can customize your Facebook to be exactly what you want! The goal of this feature addition is to allow you to see what matters most to you. If that’s frevvo, then take a look at how you can do this here. Unfortunately we do not have an instructional section for this on our docs page yet, but if you need any instructions for frevvo this where you want to go.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to “like” us on Facebook and being a customer. We do what we do to make your lives easier. Have a success story with frevvo? Share it with us, we love to hear how your business has been made easier!

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[Customer Success Story] Hood County, TX

“frevvo’s modern online system is easy to use, has all the capabilities we need and is affordably priced. Their outstanding customer support and willingness to work with us made it the right choice for our County.”

– Jackie Solomon Director, Information Technology, Hood County, TX

Success stories are our favorite thing to hGuy filling in form and signingear, talk about, and share with the world. Hood County’s electronic blood warrant workflow is a particularly interesting case. In DWI cases, a Blood Warrant is required by law before administering a blood test.  Prior to automation with frevvo, this process could take hours to complete:

  1.  A paper warrant form is filled out by an officer.
  2.  The officer is then sworn in by a magistrate and signs the warrant form.
  3.   Finally, it is approved and signed by the magistrate.

These steps were tedious for the staff as it became expensive and time consuming. Hood County’s regular tasks were interfering with business agility. That’s when they called frevvo.

By converting manual processes into mobile-enabled, automated workflows with electronic signatures, the County is dramatically improving efficiency. For example, reducing delay is critical in blood alcohol testing. With an automated workflow, legal warrants can be obtained in a timely manner while eliminating errors such as missing data in an affidavit.

Hood County looked at 15+ solutions and chose frevvo. To obtain a Blood Warrant, forms are now filled out electronically by the officer. The magistrate remotely swears in the officer, reviews the warrant and signs off electronically or rejects. The officer prints out the exact PDF required by law including all signatures. The blood alcohol testing can proceed legally in a timely manner.

We have enjoyed working with Hood County a great deal and are grateful to have created this business relationship with them. Solving business needs through business agility is what we are passionate about. You can be our next success story, sign up today.

You can view the official Hood County Case Study here.

The user friendly experience gets friendlier!

Submissions UI 

Organization is key to any business. It is important to be able to easily access your information such as reports. When working with approval processes keeping copies of these in an organized fashion is large part in business success and ultimately business agility. It is very easy to lose a copy whether it is a hard copy or an online form.

When using frevvo for your approval processes we make it easy for you to keep track and access all of your submissions. Submissions UI (User Interface) has a wonderful feature of being able to view all of your submissions. You’re able to view the submission with the filters that best suit your need. For example the options include, but are not limited to, date, names, date range, and more. You can even view pending workflows to keep track of where they are in the process of completion.

The user friendly experience gets friendlier!  As seen below, there is an easy to use check box to not only save you time, but make it easier for you to filter out what you do and do not need for a specific search.


Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 1.35.37 PM 

You can view an easy user friendly step by step instructional process on everything discussed here on our docs page.

Another business problem solved. We live by business agility and you should too. Let frevvo make your everyday tasks simpler. Sign up for a free 30 day trial now.

Just do nothing for a while …

It’s the middle of summer here in CT and it’s hot and sunny and we’ve forgotten all about the piles of winter snow. Time to slow down and do nothing for a while.BC Doing Nothing

No such luck here at frevvo. We’ve already rolled out several updates and are working on a many more primarily based upon customer feedback.

  • V6.2 (slated for October) will support SAML 2.0 allowing customers to authenticate from the cloud using internal LDAP (e.g. Active Directory) without directly connecting to it.
  • Many customers are already using frevvo on Android happily. With V6.2, we will finally offer formal support for Android tablets and smart phones.
  • We’ll also be supporting signature pads (like Topaz) in 6.2. It’s been a long-requested item that’s finally made it to the product.
  • Confluence 5.8.x has been out for a while. We’re almost there with a new plugin that supports frevvo in this version of Confluence.
  • V6.2 will also add IE11 for design, SQL 2014 and Oracle 12c for databases, Jaws 16 for accessibility and support for Java 8 runtime.
  • V6.1 added major new features like Workflow Escalations, Accessibility and others. We’ve already released many small features / updates as customers have been using them and giving us feedback.
  • Beyond these, we’re already working on major enhancements to the task list and submissions view, reporting, workflow analytics and a whole host of big new features.

All really cool stuff but it sure would be nice to just    do       nothing          for             a                while       .. … :-)

Saved by The Feature!

We frequently accommodate new features for our customers. We here at frevvo are all about accessibility and a user friendly experience, for not only our employees and customers, but yours as well!

One of our real estate customers had created a very in-depth workflow. This screen flow had many sections to it. Our great team created a “Save on Navigate” feature for our customer. Due to this long workflow, it was necessary to have a feature to be able to save. If something happened where there was a power outage, or an emergency, etc and your customer/employee had to leave immediately without finishing this flow, they would have to start COMPLETELY over.  …until now.

Selecting save on navigate allows you to continue from the last page you have previously completed, the next time you log in. You can find this workflow in your task list. Imagine working on a 30+ page workflow and being on page 28 when it shuts down. Now you are starting back on page one. Take a deep breath. You won’t ever experience this!

In your business this will be very beneficial for workflows such as employee on boarding, or anything that requires many steps in a flow. We take pride in creating a user friendly experience and you should too.

You can read exactly how to use this fantastic feature here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.21.50 PM


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