Cloud Computing – A Sign of Intelligent Life?

Cloud Intelligent LifeI couldn’t help it. I know I’ve seen this before but it seems appropriate for today’s Cloud-or-Nothing age and it always makes me literally Laugh Out Loud.

With all the talk of Private Cloud and Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud and the ceaseless hype from the big boys, sometimes it’s good to just laugh.

Of course, you’re using Cloud. We’re using it all over our business. Check out this list of 10 useful cloud services we love for our business.

Cartoon Credit: David Fletcher for CloudTweaks.

To Cloud or Not To Cloud?

Cloud Reality Check 2015 InfographicPublic Cloud is mainstream. Undoubtedly. Whether it’s AWS or Microsoft Azure, it feels great to push a few buttons, run out to grab a coffee and somewhere, somehow a server is spun up and by the time you return, it’s up and running with your database, web server all configured. It’s cool and, for small companies like frevvo, it’s amazing. AWS has been a godsend for us as it has been for thousands of others. And, we ourselves use many other Cloud services.

There’s very little reason to host things like email on-premise anymore but, for many applications, large enterprises just have more complex needs. Security for one but cloud vendors are addressing this. Large enterprises have tons of existing infrastructure from Active Directory/SSO solutions to ERP systems with critical employee information to important customer data in Oracle SQL to regulatory requirements. 59% of IT Professionals say that this complexity of integration prevents them from making more use of the cloud. Even Public Cloud Services messiah Google is being forced to talk positively about hybrid cloud and strike partnerships to help it compete.

The bottom line is there is no single answer even within the same organization. Some applications (email, CRM, storage) are naturals for the Cloud. Others such as HIPAA compliant applications and approval workflows that must integrate with this existing infrastructure aren’t as good a fit. Nothing wrong with using an on-premise solution for those use cases. Check out this infographic from NTT (link to original here) called the Cloud Reality Check 2015: Have Global Enterprises Embraced the Cloud? For large enterprises, it’s definitely a mixed bag.

Luckily, at frevvo, we offer both so you can choose whatever works best for the application in question.

Using frevvo + Google Drive for Document/File Management

It goes without saying that there are big advantages to having your files in the Cloud. They’re automatically backed up, secure, can be accessed from anywhere etc. You can use Google Drive as a simplified document/file management system with folders/sub-folders, sharing and permissions.
frevvo + Google AppsIf your organization uses Google Apps, you can combine frevvo + Google Drive in interesting ways to create some cool solutions. For example, you can create an electronic approval workflow for a Purchase Order, and send it to your customer for signature (electronic, of course). Once signed, the customer gets a receipt (PDF) by email. But, the PDF can also be saved to Google Drive in the proper folder/sub-folder e.g. Purchase Orders/Acme Inc 2015_04_09 or Purchase Orders/Order 1234 or whatever makes sense for you. Check out this 90 sec video to see how it works. As POs flow through frevvo and are approved by customers, they’ll automatically be filed away in the correct place.

What about finding POs? As you might expect, Google Drive has great Search. When a file of a common type is uploaded to Google Drive, it is automatically indexed so users can easily search for it in their Drive files. Google Drive also goes much further. For example, it’s capable of recognizing objects and landmarks in images uploaded to Drive. Searching for a PO is just like doing a regular Google search. Just type in some text (a name, an address, an amount, anything …) and Drive will find files containing that text.

Now, obviously, Drive isn’t a full-fledged document management system and there are pitfalls to using folder structures for document management. But, the price is hard to beat and there are many situations where it’s genuinely useful. Especially, when combined with an automated approval workflow from frevvo :) Check out our Google Apps Solutions and contact us for more information.

Leave Approval Workflows with Google Spreadsheets

Does your organization use Google Apps? If so, you can combine frevvo + Google Apps to create some really cool and useful solutions. For example, consider Leave Approvals. Everyone does it usually on a paper or Excel form sent by email. Wouldn’t it be nice if the form knew how many days of each type (Sick, Annual, Personal etc.) you had left? Usually, that means integrate with some HR system or buy an expensive solution.

frevvo + Google AppsNot so with frevvo + a Google Spreadsheet. Here’s a spreadsheet that contains employee information. Much simpler and easier to maintain for most people than a complicated HR system. And here’s a frevvo workflow that uses that spreadsheet. Try it out – pick an employee from the pick list at the top and frevvo gets the # of available days of each type from the spreadsheet, shows them in the Table and enables only rows where you have available days. The employee can sign electronically and the workflow is automatically routed to the supervisor.

When the leave is approved, frevvo will automatically update the Google Spreadsheet so it’s always kept in sync. Nothing manual to do.

Fast, easy and it’ll save your employees time. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

[Webinar] Stop printing for signatures & approvals.

Paperless ApprovalsIt’s 2015 !!!

Are your employees still printing forms for routine day-to-day processes and signatures? Still searching through emails to find and track approvals? With secure, cloud-based, mobile-ready approval workflows from frevvo, employees can sign & approve in any language from anywhere and on any device. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s amazingly affordable.

Join this upcoming webinar¬†where frevvo’s Nancy Esposito will show:
  • How easy it is to use a pre-built template.
  • Drag/drop to customize it for your needs.
  • Deploy and use it on mobile devices in the cloud.

See how easily you can reduce paper use, streamline your organization and help the environment.

Webinar Details

  • Date: Wednesday, April 15.
  • Time: 11:30 AM EST
  • Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)
  • Speaker: Nancy Esposito (frevvo)

Register Now

[Gartner] Digital has moved to center stage. Have you?

Digitalization is no longer a sideshow – it has moved to center stage and is changing the whole game.

So says Gartner in a report called “Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda,” that analyzed data from 2,810 CIO respondents in 84 countries and all major industries, representing $397 billion in IT spending.

Third Era of enterprise IT

Source: Flipping to Digital Leadership: The 2015 CIO Agenda. Gartner

Gartner goes on to claim that existing business processes suffer from legacy inertia and “bad complexity.” IT simplification to enable digital business needs to extend to the entire business stack: business processes, business models and the business ecosystem.

We couldn’t agree more. It’s 2015 !! Cloud is here to stay. Mobile is everywhere. Green is on everyone’s mind. The question of “why digital processes” has already been answered. There is simply no reason for inefficient, complex legacy processes anymore. Yet, we see it everyday – companies that still use paper or email Excel spreadsheets around for the most common yet business-critical tasks like taking a Sales Order, approving a Purchase Requisition or processing a Leave Request.

To paraphrase Gartner again: we’ve moved into a third era of enterprise IT, where digitalization is transforming business models and determining who will win. For those who succeed, the prize could not be bigger.

Want help seizing the digital opportunity? Contact us today.

eBook: Using frevvo’s Cloud for Secure Approval Workflows

girl-cloud2Approval workflows are the lifeblood of your business. Purchase Requisitions, Sales Orders, Leave Approvals, Expense Reports, Employee On-boarding are just some of the routine day-to-day activities that business rely on to function.

[Download eBook]

These approval workflows are typically a bunch of forms that are filled out by customers, employees or partners and routed around the organization for comments and signatures. You’re probably doing it every single day.

So, why are you still sending PDF or Excel documents around by email? Why search through email to find that pending approval? Why print, sign and scan if a signature is required?

Digitize these approvals in frevvo’s Secure Cloud today. Your employees can stop chasing down approvals by email. I’m sure they all have smart phones. With frevvo, they can sign anytime, anywhere and from any device. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s amazingly affordable.

Download this new eBook and learn how frevvo’s Cloud can help you securely digitize these routine approvals.


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